Organization Tip!

Living in a small space is great because it is quick to clean, but it is also quick to get messy. With that said, it is crucial to make sure every item has its own “home,” and sometimes that can get hard and you have to get creative. In our boat, under the sink is where our trashcan lives as well as some cleaning bottles, boxes of foil, parchment paper, and other things like that. On trash day, trying to get the trashcan in and out without moving everything out of the way gets real old, real quick so I decided to find a way to make more space! Thanks to one of my favorite stores (the Dollar Tree) we purchased a metal magazine organizer and honestly thats all you need to make some organizational magic. I positioned the organizer horizontal against the far wall so there was enough space to take the foil and parchment paper boxes in and out easily. After it was positioned, I used the Makita impact driver to secure the magazine organizer in place. Then I put everything away in its rightful place! No more crammed cabinet! Easy, cheap, effective. Cheers!

Sailboat Organization Tip From.png

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